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Our signature brew and first ever beer. Cloudy and full bodied like a wheat beer, tastes like an IPA. Unfiltered, unfined and unpasteurised we use 34% malted wheat, a neutral US05 yeast and dry hop with Citra and Chinook to give a light, refreshing citrus profile. Well balanced with a light bitter finish to maximize drinkability and a rich, full-bodied mouth feel. Pairs well with flavoursome/ spicy dishes.



A juicy, hop forward session pale ale with low end bitterness and large quantities of Mosaic and Chinook. A full on juicy, fruity aroma with a taste to match. Notes of citrus, melon, peach, stone fruit and a touch of pine. Oats, wheat and barley combine to give a good body and fuller mouth feel for a lower abv. Unfiltered, Juicy is naturally hazy and light on the palate with a low malt profile. Pairs well with salad, chicken and lighter seafood.



Straw blonde in colour and unpasteurised. Pilsner has a crisp, clean, easy drinking profile with a light biscuit malt flavor from the traditional malts. The addition of Perle and Magnum hops give it a more flavoursome, floral hop profile with a low bitter finish and the addition of wheat gives added depth to the body and a slightly sweet finish. Great with almost everything.