Hobo Brewers

Stick to what you’re good at....hold on to 100% of your business and work with the best that you can find to do the things that you can’t do

In hindsight, probably the best bit of advice we had. It came from our accountants, who at the time were also managing 2 large scottish craft brewers. 

We had spent 4 months prior to our launch at Craft Beer Rising looking for a site in almost every corner of London but it became quite obvious, quite quickly, that with the money that we had, and the desires to build a global brand, we weren’t going to be able to do things the traditional way. We couldn’t set up with the right size kit and the right size facility, that wouldn’t mean us having to move at some point in the near future or give a large percentage of our business away to secure additional funds. Dan and Chris’s main business was experiencing a sudden massive growth in success and, critically, Henry was offered a role with one of the UK’s most well established, independent brewers.

A role that was too good to turn down, we lost our brewer to be and his share of investment at the worst time.

So with no brewer, no permanent facility and a launch at craft beer rising 2014 around the corner, whilst not initially the plan, we hung our hat on being ‘Hobo’ brewers.

But that’s our story. That’s what makes us that little bit different. We spent months and months looking for the right location that would give us all that we needed plus the opportunity to expand but we just couldn’t find one 

So we are Hobo’s…..a homeless brewery who work with some of the best in the business. People that we now call friends who have helped us develop and allowed us to use their experience, knowledge, facilities and time, coupled with our own unique recipes to bring you some great beers that we hope you enjoy.

Still self funding, we don’t own our own brewery and are proud of what we’ve been able to achieve.