Our Brewing Partners 

Ramsgate Brewery

Eddie the owner and head brewer at Ramsgate came recommended to us by one of the best in the business from one of the oldest breweries in the country so we thought we’d listen! He’s been brewing for over 20 years so clearly knows what he’s doing – he even brewed on the same 5 barrel pub kit in London that our brewer was brewing on when we went to meet him so straight away we knew we’d get on! An ex engineer, Eddie built some of his own kit so he clearly likes a challenge. He must do to take on these 4 guys who had an idea, a plan and a recipe the likes of which he’d never seen before!

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The Celt Experience

As we’ve grown we needed to find somewhere that had additional capacity but also the skill and mindset of a true craft brewer in order to allow us to produce more of our beers without losing any of the quality. Enter Celt Experience.

Tom at Celt Experience is, in our opinion, one of the most creative (if slightly mad!) and skilled brewers in the industry today. Having started home brewing when he was just 15 years old, Tom has now been brewing for over 20 years and his range of beers along with his brand are some of the most creative out there. A champion of Welsh Mythology, each beer has a story behind its name and with a great understanding of the industry and the export market, Tom and Celt Experience will be great partners for us as we look to push things forward.

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Schremser – Austria

We wanted to brew a lager in order to be able to engage with those that weren’t maybe on the path to craft beer just yet. Produce them a simple, crisp, clean beer that they would enjoy and hopefully lead them on to the other beers in our range. We decided to brew a Pilsner lager, using our own recipe with Schremser – a 600 year old brewery just outside of Vienna, close to the Czech border (the home of Pilsner’s) that has been in the same family for over 5 generations since 1858. Clearly they know what they are doing! Schremser use a natural water resource (lime free) and have trading agreements with the local hop farmers in the area which we think help produce a better tasting lager.

Bruno has around an 8 week long process with a 6-7 week lager period. We use a stepped mashing programme (wort is heated to a number of temperatures during the mashing) and double infusion which means part of the mash is split and then blended back in later on during the mash. There is no pasteurisation, no preservatives, stabilising materials or clearing agents.

All carbonation/CO2 is developed naturally over the long lager period in horizontal lager tanks (better for the beer over conical) that are kept under pressure using a ‘Spundaparat’ (a very natural delicate way of controlling pressure with water).

Once the beer is ready, it is then coarse filtered rather than sterile filtered – Again, better for the beer and the resulting taste. We hope you enjoy Bruno as much as we do.

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Firebrand was born in January 2014 out of a mastery of brewing, an experience in the beer trade and an intimacy with food. The brewery sits in a converted milking parlour at Trenarrett Farm in the heart of North Cornwall just outside Launceston. Joe the head brewer and beer sommelier had started Penpont Brewery 6 years earlier to brew local traditional ales and the 2 breweries now run side by side. Unlike most breweries, Joe at Firebrand has set the business up to work with people like us that need capacity and facilities and with the quality of the cornish water, its added another dimension to our signature White IPA.

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