big Hug Is proud to be a part of My Green Squares. Saving the trees one beer at a time.

Green Squares is an environmentally based loyalty and rewards scheme

Green Squares ensures the long term security for our natural resources (Rainforest) and those indigenous communities depended on these resources.

With each beer you buy from us we give you a ‘Green Square’ supporting a square foot of rain forest.

Each Green Square is protected for 12 months as part of projects lasting up to 30 years. 

You will be able to view your square when you log onto your ‘green squares account’

 This will then help enable the delivery of initiatives to protect the rain forest (natural capital), to provide education, healthcare, sanitation, water and housing to communities (social capital) and to develop commercial activities (economic capital) thereby providing a long-term sustainable future.

 You will also help us protect the Spectacled Bear! A native of the Andean rainforest