Black IPA3.jpg

Black IPA 4.7%

Our second hybrid and part of our competition series. A Black IPA created by our friends at Brewhouse and Kitchen Bournemouth.

Black malt & speciality malts combined with Citra & Mosaic to give a rich, smooth body, dark in colour and with hints of chocolate and caramel but with a hop forward, tropical flavour profile and a well balanced bitterness. Easy drinking with a smooth finish.

red IPA3.jpg

Red Rye 5%

Our most complex beer that marries together different flavours and hues from 6 different malts, including Rye and Crystal Rye. Vibrant red in colour with a good body it combines well with the assertive US hops of Mosaic and Columbus.

The end result gives flavours and aromas rich in mango, lemon citrus and earthy pine with the rye helping give a slightly dry, spicy finish. Pairs well with rich flavours, BBQ and smoked dishes.

slow loris.jpg


Inspired by Founders All Day IPA, Slow Loris is all about the huge amounts of Sorachi Ace combined with English Admiral hops. A complex malt bill blending pale ale malts and 20% oats to give a creamy mouthfeel with a depth of flavour.

Darker in colour we use Carapils, Crystal and Munich malt. Distinctly different, Slow Loris has a taste profile that is earthy and nutty with notes of lemongrass, coconut and burnt orange. Pairs well with root vegetables, darker meat, game and earthy dishes