Social Conscience


Since we formed in 2014 it was important for us to try and give a little something back, to develop a social conscience initiative(s) with the work that we do in selling and creating craft beer.

On launching we worked with My Green Squares for 2 years and purchased 1 million Sq Ft of rainforest that would guarantee that areas preservation for 12 months.

In 2016, having not been back to Brighton for 9 months, Matt was blown away by the increased numbers of homeless people on the street in Brighton and set up an initiative called Hugs4Snugs. It’s a simple concept but fits with our ‘Hobo’ ethos and allows us to try and help homeless people on a local level to whoever we are working with.

A venue nominates a local homeless charity, we give the venue some free beer and anyone that donates an item of clothing, receives a free beer on us. Hugs4Snugs. Simple. If you would be interested in running an event please contact us, we’d love to hear from you.

Only A Pavement Away
As we search for our own bricks and mortar ‘home’, we are hoping to further our commitment to helping the homeless by working closely with Only A Pavement Away to help increase awareness and eventually become a part of the initiative.